We provide a caring and engaging learning enviourment and we deliver outstanding educational services to students and our Community The Ideal New Star English School with exceptional facilities and curriculumn opportunities for students from years 8 to 12. Curriculumn that values diversity is inclusive and maximises student access to success.

At The Ideal New Star English School, we are committed to providing chalenging, dynamic,relevant and coherent curriculumn, which promotes life long learning and produces responsible, independent critical thinkess and learness who act ethicaly and confidently in their personal, career and community life.

We Value

  • Responsibility and self-discipline
  • A safe Secure and caring learning enviournment.
  • Trusting and respectful relationships.
  • Personal growth towards independences and interdependence
  • Creative and flexible teaching and learning styles.
  • Curriculumn that values diversity is inclusive and maximise students access to success.
  • The application of learning anywhere anytime.
  • Students who attend regularly are successful in their education

Student Behaviour

The Ideal New Star English School sets a high standard of classroom behaviour we have zero tolerance for any form of bullying harrassment and for violence. we take this stand to enscure that we protect and support the 99% of our students who are here to learn, achieve and succeed.