• We aim to enhance the highest standards of excellence and prepare the generation for 21st century.

  • We aim to provide ample opportunities to nurture the inherent qualities of each child.

  • The school aims at the complete development of personality of its students by generating:
    i) A sense of integrity and uncompromising honesty.
    ii) An awareness of the environment.
    iii) A feeling of nationalism and communal harmony.
    iv) A concern for human rights and democratic values.
    v) A sensitivity to become a responsible and worthy citizen of our country.

  • We teach children to listen carefully to others, to help one another to participate in group discussion and to assume leadership positions. We care for the moral development of a child.

  • We consider that schools are established on the foundationo of deep love and respect for students and that childrenthrive when they are challenged.

  • We make all efforts to spot the talents of students through various activities. And these activities buzz in full swing every saturday contributing in the child. Thus each child is made to feel important for his/her own perspective and is cared for, with utmost care and warmth.

  • The school endeavours to provide a stimulating and challenging environment of the highest quality in an atmosphere where children, parents & teachers feel secure and valued. The children are given the opportunity to learn the core subjects and for each subject there are attainment targets, programs of study assessment arrangements. All the activities of students are monitored by hidden camera from the central office by school authorities.